about us

„Maffam Freeform” is the only workshop in the world manufacturing furniture from volcanic basalt fibre. The talented Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis has created and patented a unique furniture manufacturing technology. He builds the furniture from basalt fibre “hairs” and natural resin; he creates the furniture and design objects that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. „The ideal piece of furniture comes through hard work and clear thoughts that is “nourished” for a sufficient time” – so the designer tells about the things he created. It is not possible to create two identical objects; therefore they are original and unique.

The company is young but it has already participated in several international exhibitions in Europe, where enthusiasts of unusual design have already appreciated „Maffam Freeform” products as something completely unprecedented, innovative and creative. The artist’s inspiration and ideas, that initially filled the workshop atmosphere are captured in to the basalt “hairs” and metamorphose into the true synthesis of art and technology! „Maffam Freeform” furniture and design objects are chosen by those, who want to stand out. Basalt furniture and design objects made in Latvia has been appreciated by unusual design hunters from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, ……. .

A way how to produce this kind of fibre industrially is not yet found, so they will always remain unique, handmade and in few copies. The furniture is eco-friendly because fibre absorbs negative environmental electromagnetic radiation and nature has inexhaustible sources of this material.

New design objects and furniture are created on an on-going basis – workshops offer is constantly updated. We hear out our Client’s ideas and wishes and translate them into the basalt – even the very deep personal desires, as long as it is not a helicopter or cosmetic pouch.