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    MANU Nest Hanging Chair

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    Exclusive hanging chair for garden, patio or indoors - genuine “thinking pod”. Light and damn elegant. Each chair is handmade – unique, safe and sturdy. It can withstand at least 220 kg of weight, while it weighs 15 kg. Exactly these nonconventional loungers won the undivided attention of music fans at the POSITIVUS festival and in order to claim into the pod, many of them were queuing up. During the three days of the festival, “the pods” were tried by several thousands of people – it was the best possible test for resistance of the hanging chair. The test was passed with honour. Children are especially excited about the hanging chair and there will be plenty of space for several kids. The hanging basalt fibre chair undoubtedly becomes a central interior object in the garden or indoors. Nesting could be made especially pleasant by the colourful pillow or soft blanket. The most ideal place to hang the nest is a tree, but house girder or concrete patio ceiling will do just fine. Of course, one can always ask to hold the chair…

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